Steven Alan and Chari & Co Update Jun 30, 2009


Here’s another look at the aforementioned collaboration between Chari & Co and Steven Alan. From their description over at, it sounds like the project is going to be pretty legit. More information will be posted here as events warrant. Read up below:

The latest riding enthusiast to try his hand at bike-friendly gear? Steven Alan. Alan’s new flannel riding shirt—designed in conjunction with Lower East Side track-and-fixie mecca Chari & Co.—has a long tail to cover your ass and a Velcro-fastened rip-open chest pocket that’s been relocated to a messenger-bag-friendly position. There are also sweatshirt-style ribbed cuffs on the sleeves, sturdy snaps on the placket, and what’s being called a “hunting pocket” zippered into the back. Unless your cycling is a lot different than our cycling, we’re thinking this is more for a banana, an MP3 player, and a portable pump than for, say, upland game—but then again, who are we to tell you how to roll?
About $220, available in October;

Steven Alan and Chari & Co

  • I spy a Halloween present for dancakes…

  • Why is all of this “cycling” fashion so damn expensive. If I want a quality flannel I’ll get a beautiful Pendleton for half the price. It might not have a “hunting” pocket but I’m sure with the extra hundred bucks in my pocket i can make due.

  • chris

    steven alan is real fashion, which i guess is a few steps above cycling fashion, hence the price tag.

  • this is damn beautiful. as for the price tag.. well, it’s Steve Alan..

  • I think LL Bean already dropped this