Shorty Fatz Jun 7, 2009

I have no idea what is going on with this bike. It looks like a low-slung chopper-inspired track bike. Unsurprisingly, it came from the Starf*ckers Flickr!

Edit: thanks for the info people! Shorty Fatz

  • J.A. Caldwell

    you can buy it here –

    Saw them at Sea Otter. Pretty decent looking in person.

  • nutmegwolf

    Shorty Fatz…there’s a yellow one on velospace from a while back.

  • dude, shorty fatz is a lowrider bike co. from my hometown san jose, CA. they make pretty sick modern looking lowrider bikes and they prettymuch applied that style to their “eight series” track bikes. plus they work with phil wood who’s also in san jose.

    as cartoony as it looks, the bike is acutally pretty rigid for it’s shape.

  • Terry B

    It’s a lowrider inspired track bike out or San Jose, CA.

  • Kenny Harvey

    Its made by a company called shortyfatz in the bay area and they are a lowrider bike company which explains the lowrider inspired geo!

  • paolo

    shortyfats i believe

  • Ah thanks for the correction guys!

  • Aren

    they also work with phil wood who happens to be out of the same area.

  • nickinwi

    dude, idk but thats pretty f**kin rad. get one of those in bright red or some shit and giv’r a set of cream racing stripes….mmmm