Shiba Friday 06.26 Jun 27, 2009

SHIBA FRIDAY6.26 from Fixy Life on Vimeo.

Interesting video. Looks like a few fixed 29’r / 26″ MTB frames with dropped saddles. Will be interesting to see where Japan takes that movement!

Someone tries the Miller one-handed 180 slider line too at the end.

Also check Malco here gettin’ pitted! Via Kyoichi!

  • AJ

    dang! japan throwin’ it down.

  • i like what there doing with the 26-29 mtb stuff. all wheel sizes are fun as sh&*) they just feel different.

  • Kyoichi

    Nasty’s got the no-handed 180 to sliders
    down pretty good. in the video, he’s trying
    to do it where he switches the slider to the
    other side.
    the slider switching itself was in a recent
    clip but i can’t remember which.