Outlier Shorts Preorder Jun 3, 2009

Outlier just announced their pre-order for their Summer Shorts. I was over at their place the other day and saw them in person. Very legit. Cinch straps, so no need for a belt. A carabiner loop for your keys, a ulock will fit in the pocket and won’t pull them down. Really nicely made with details that will last.

Once we had the first sample made, it clicked immediately, these fabrics would make killer swimsuits too. And then we knew what had to happen, we were going to make sure these shorts would double as a swim trunks and all we needed to do was figure out how to make everything dry fast enough. Our core fabrics are quick drying already, but we needed to work on the pocketing. It took some trial and error but we tracked down some amazing woven supplex, and it was on. We had a pair of shorts that not only looked and felt great, but they dried out faster than our old swim trunks.

Read up here about the pre-order and you’ll also find more pictures.

  • Josephine

    I am mentally pounding my fists on the table in hope for smaller sizes.

    (I know they may not get around to designs specifically for women, and frankly, I always like men’s stuff better anyway. But. Smaller sizes! Smaller sizes! I seriously wish they would do it, even if the runs were even more limited than the usual Outlier stock quantities. I would buy the hell out of some long-wearing, fast-drying, guy-styled fancy pants and shorts. Sigh.)

  • Abe

    Hey Josephine, we make size 27s in some styles which is smaller than most men’s brands go. They don’t sell much :( so I don’t see us going smaller. Women’s styles are certainly in the works though so hang tight!