Odyssey Aaron Ross Grips Jun 4, 2009

Odyssey‘s new Aaron Ross pro grips seem to be calling all Internet nerds to ride. Pretty funny. If I got these, I’d never live it down.

Via The Art of the Trackstand

Grab’em here, or at your LBS

  • OPEN has these, I think I am actually grabbing a pair tonight to go with some new bars.

  • Really good actually… first saw them at Wbase and picked them up.
    So nice, it’s these or macneil grips… both are perfect.

  • I still ride the Stolen grips… Had them for months!

  • mitchell

    They fall apart between the “keys”. The keys are super thick and the rest is thin.

  • Chris did just buy these, and so did a few other kids around town, I’ll send you a pair John.

  • But hey, these grips have been around for ages already?

  • vas

    ha, you’re a bit late to this party…
    not a fan of these, way too hard.

    how about animal edwins, ever heard of those? ;)

  • wert


  • yeah yeah yeah ok they’re old. I don’t really like Odyssey’s grips. I prefer the Stolen grips.

  • These are so hot. My geek meter to off the charts right now looking at these.

  • luke

    hahah so fuckin old!