Nike Air Zoom Tiempo Cycling Sneaker pt. 1 Jun 3, 2009

Kyle at Tracko posted images of the a new project that Nike is working on with fixed gear cyclists world wide a bit back. More recently, Kyle at DQM was kind enough to get Nike to hook me up with a pair of the shoes. My initial thoughts on them are; ABOUT TIME!

The shoe’s insole rests on a hard, almost rigid material similar to chipboard, which stiffens them up considerably. Pairing that with a high-density outsole and a new insole, the City Tiempo is one of the stiffest sneakers I’ve worn. Here’s a shot of the shoes on, sans high socks.

It has a deep heel which holds your feet just right, giving you support and reducing annoying rubbing.

The long indoor soccer like tongue can be tucked into the laces, or left out.

Expect a full review after I put some miles in them and remember, 100% of the profits generated from the LIVESTRONG collection goes directly to the Lance Armstrong Foundation!

DavesQualityMeat is also raffling off a Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta track right now with ever purchase of a LIVESTRONG bracelet.

Reappropriation: Shoes

  • Wow, those are dope. I definitely want a pair of those.

  • Spencer

    Where/when can I get these?

    And how much?

  • Not sure on price. DQM will have them June 20th

  • Spencer

    Do you know if they are going to have other colors? I remember a bunch of styles being shown when these first debuted.

  • By far the best ones in the pack. Hope you are well John.

  • not sure if anyone can confirm this for me here, but back in the early 90’s i remember being in a niketown in atlanta and in the cycling shoes section there was a shoe they called the “messenger” that was essentially a basic sneaker with a super stiff/hard slick bottom. being a courier at the time i initially thought “whoa, that’s wierd and interesting” because all the other sycling shoes on display were fancy road shoes, but never thought much else about it because they were quite expensive. anyway, i never saw them again. most people i run into that work for nike have no idea what i’m talking about, haha, but they are also usually under 25 yrs old. does anyone remember these or am i just going crazy? either one is completely possible. ha.

  • Lego

    Well, at least I can use a seam ripper to remove the “Livestrong” tag.

  • It’s hard to tell from the pics, but the Livestrong tag is UNDER the tongue, not on top.

  • polkadotkwame

    Get yourself some Sambas for less than $50

  • you’re big time now, doggy!

  • Kyle

    will these be available online? if i recall correctly, DQM doesn’t have an online shop?

  • Johnathan

    Can someone tell how I can get these? They are sick!

  • smo

    any idea when these are going to drop retail?