New Milwaukee Bruiser Ad Online Jun 3, 2009

This past weekend Doug D from Hardcourt Bike Polo rolled out to this monster gap I’ve been eying for months with me. It’s a pretty decent distance to travel with only about a 14-inch elevation drop over the 11-feet of distance required. On top of that, you have to clear the edge of the second loading dock or your wheels are proper fucked. Here’s a better picture of the gap itself.

Drew at Milwaukee used it for the Bruiser page on the Milwaukee site.

Thanks to Doug and the Empire crew for capturing it!

Keep watch for the video when Empire drops!

  • ben

    FishGap what!

    up it next time.

  • jordang

    is that over by the navy yard? i think i just noticed it the other day.

  • nutmegwolf

    yeah over on washington i do believe, between park and flushing

  • that gap is huge!

    did you make those feet straps? have you ever thought about running feetbelts? the new design is one size fits all with tons of holes to get the fit right. i saw mosher made some that fit the same way (horizontally)

  • They’re my friend Jeremiah’s creation. Details to follow…

  • dontcoast

    you rode that gap over and out?! skiiiiilzzz!!!!

  • go big or go home.