New Logo Jun 18, 2009


I’ve been working with Mike Jones and Mikhail at Mishka for a few weeks now on this logo. They finished it up last night and I’m beyond stoked on it. Thanks duders. I also wanna thank everyone who’s ever told me I look like a Viking, because that was the inspiration. Big ups guys! Expect some more related news to come shortly!

  • I went to grade school and our mascot was the Highlanders. I wish this was what it looked like.

  • Are you going to make stickers? I would slap those
    all over the west coast and pay for them.
    The logo came out so good.

  • jordang
  • yep!

  • Todd

    Prolly is probably a red haired, one eyed Viking who listens to hard core metal.

  • Aizen

    Major points in the new logo, LOL @ the Viking comment, congrats!