MPLS Answers Jun 10, 2009

So the other day I asked “who’s gonna pull off the first rail grind on a fixed gear?” and low-and-behold:


Brad at Urban Velo just sent me these shots from MPLS’ Tricks and Drinks night just seconds after Jeff at Bike Jerks sent me these pics. Jesse Hilliard and Mike Carney killing it!

  • i remember when eric porter was the first to start doing crank grinds back in louisville. seems like whatever can translate from bmx to fixed will continue to do so. this shit is crazy though! jesse is killin it.

  • Wilis

    And it begins!! Nice work!

  • sam

    Word! Someone needs to hook Jesse up!

  • For real – Jesse’s ride is jalopy-status

  • video footage?

  • Will be filmed soon