Merckx Corsa Extra Build Jun 1, 2009

Finalllllly got this bad rainbow boy completed. Still dialing it in and getting the fit just right, so I can’t really give a good report about how it rides.

Definitely not stoked on the tires either, but they’ll have to do. Eventually I’d like to put a basket on the front and maybe a longer stem. Or hell, even drops!

Build list:
-61cm Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra SLX New frameset
-Nuovo Record: Headset, front and rear derailleurs, brake calipers, levers and pantographed downtube shifters
-Nuovo Record hubs 36h to Mavic MA4 rims.
-Superleggera Pedals, Cinelli clips and Cinelli straps
-Super Record: non-fluted cranks, pantographed rings and bottom bracket.
-Corsa Record (I know I know…) seatpost
-Concor saddle
-Cinelli 1a Panto’d stem
-Cinelli Priest bars

Belgian Beauty

  • Alex

    Can you post a picture of your full bike collection?

  • Phillip Werst


    Puts my MX Leader to shame.

    I REALLY dig the chainrings, stem and levers.

    Hit me up if you ever feel like selling ;)

  • Can you post of picture of your full bike collection WHERE THERE’S NO CONCRETE AND OR STEEL?

  • say what?

    Lookin’ good dude!

    It’s begging for drops!

  • sau

    holy smokes. this is only the second time I have ever seen the Pope bars. haha. good times!

  • sorry charlie

    whats the issue with the c-rec post?

  • ian.

    Im guessing that its on or past the minimum insertion point? Those posts are made with the additude “if you need more post than this, then your bike doesnt fit.”

  • Ian,

    No, it’s not. I’ve actually lowered it about 2cm after this picture. I don’t insert it all the way prior to fitting it to avoid scratching the post. Same with the stem.

    I am well aware of the minimum insertion like and it’s “attitude”, not “additude”


  • ian.

    In the picture it looked like it was past it, but that makes sense now. Merck’s, on that green paterek is just barely long enough. thats what i was going by. Sweet ride.

    I knew that wasnt spelled right.

  • homeless

    beautiful bike prolly. i do agree with say what? though!

  • No drops! I already have a road bike and a track bike with drops. I wanna run Cinelli Priest bars on this beaut. Nothing wrong with that!

  • cyates

    imo it’s a waste to put cruiser bars on a classic racing bike

    i also would have gone with hidden brake cables – looks so much cleaner that way and they function a lot better

    to each his own

  • Cyates,

    How do you plan on internally routing Super Record lever’s cables? And how do ‘hidden brake cables’ perform better? You’re not making any sense.

    Please enlighten us all! And believe it or not, many people use Priest bars on classic bikes here in NYC. Which is what you typically like to do when you actually ride your bike in the city, not just lettem hang on your wall pristinely built to satisfy the retro-grouches, which is a bigger WASTE of a bike than building it up with ‘cruiser’ bars.

    Don’t knock it till you try it!

    Ok, closed the comments. Look, if you would have put drops on this bike, that’s fine. Bottom line I didn’t and I’m getting sick of all the comments!

    Bottom line: plenty of people put “inappropriate” bars on their bikes. There are plenty of people with risers / flats / pursuit bars on “track bikes”. By that logic, people should also be riding “track gearing”.

    Let people ride their bikes with what ever kind of bar type they want. My bikes are all tastefully built and I’m not ‘racing’ this bike, so what does it matter?

    Also, I know plenty of snobbish collector types with Cinelli / Titan priest bars on classic road bikes. It’s a fucking city bike, not a racing bike at this point!