Juliet in Frames Jun 1, 2009

Juliet Elliott – A stop-frame film from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

Nick from Charge just sent me this new video featuring everyone’s favorite fixed gear hesher chick, Juliet. Very cool project. Jose Martinez has been doing this a lot lately too. Multi-sequenced pictures brought in as a movie.

Lookin good as always!

  • that’s so badass! i love that effect..came together really well.

  • jordang

    the wheelie to cute smile combo is niiiice. i got the wheelie down myself but can’t seem to pull of the cute smile

  • jeremy

    there it is again! what is that font at the end?

  • font looks like helvetica neue ultralight. love that font.

  • patrick

    i put this on mute and put on slayer and it was so much better

  • Id marry her

  • tyler

    that smile after the wheelie @ :53 is heart-meltingly adorable.

  • allender

    random thing i thought while watching this video… i wish charge and other companies would encourage their rider (or least for videos) to throw on a helmet. people are impressionable, especially younger riders. helmets are just a smart thing to wear when you ride the city aggressively like many of us do. my helmets saved my life and many other peoples lives have been saved by their lid… just a thought