iO Donna Magazine on NYC Messengers Jun 10, 2009

Assia Baudi Di Selve worked on an article for iO Donna magazine (anyone got a link?) in the May issue about NYC bike messengers and the culture surrounding them. I wish I could read it, but I see a ton of familiar faces in these pages. Feel free to translate for all of us if you’re an Italian reader!

(Just kidding, I know that’s a lot of text!)

Thanks Fritz!

  • If you want, you can send me the articles that i can translate it, i’ m italian guy but my english it’ s not fresh…

  • laura

    Ride Ride Ride. Never stop: that’s the only rule in AlleyCats, the (illegal) rides of these “stray” cyclists.
    New traffic cowboys, who face the cars as they are buffalos.

    that’s the title!