Hand-off 540 Cab Jun 15, 2009

Ed Glazar shot this sequence back at the Bicycle Fetish Day. Last Fall I landed one of these and have been dialing it in since. It was hard for me not to post videos or pics of it until after Bootleg 3 came out, but this is a pretty good image sequence. Click on the image for a higher-res image. You can also catch more of Ed’s work in this week’s Joyride Art Show for the BFF.

If you wanna see a video, you’ll have to get BLS3!

  • Terry B

    I thought any variation of a cab means you leave the ground for at least 180 degrees of the spin. This would be more of a whip/ roll out/ what have you?
    -terminology aside, the sequence is ill.

  • I do leave the ground for 180 degrees… frames 5-7

    Hard to see in the sequence, but it’s definitely a 540 cab.

  • Terry B

    oh snap! I see the hop now.