Globe Roll Jun 12, 2009

Once again, the Urban Velo guys get their hands on a new bike before anyone else does and do a nice little write up on it. The bike is made by Globe, a brand that’s been around since the 90’s and is owned by Specialized. The new Roll is Globe’s attempt at addressing the new urban fixed gear market and if it didn’t look like a Ghost Bike, I’d say they did a good job.

The above bike, the Globe 2, retails for $800. Not bad. Head over to Urban Velo for the full scoop!

  • scissorneck


  • I actually like the bike in all white. It does look a bit like someone just spray painted the entire bike white, but I think it looks pretty good.

    Maybe if the bike had chrome rims, then it would look better I think? But overall, I like the “ghost bike.”

  • Sure, it looks nice. Much nicer than a lot of stock bikes. But being all white, it still reminds me of a Ghost Bike.

    Ghost bikes are a memorial to dead cyclists. They are spraypainted white and chained to a nearby sign post to serve as a reminder to both drivers and cyclists to be careful.

    I personally wouldn’t ride an all white bike. Seems like too much of an omen.

  • It ain’t all white guys. Light blue, as pictured. Adjust your monitors.

  • iansmash

    props to them for putting a helmet in the shot

  • jason

    I was surprised at what I didn’t see on Globes website, they have a clean murdered out black one, a day glow green and a simple grey but no sky blue. what gives? At a close look the bike reminds me of a brass knuckle. its a surprising refresher from the gaudy, rigid and over raked Langsters that have been inundating the greater orange county area with. I’m glad more company’s are producing these fixed gears for the middle aged teenager. Also the crank-set, wheels, BB, pedals, and toe straps are not what is on the bike in all their press releases, anyone know why they changed the parts? I dig the bike, I just cant find a retailer or a price for them?