Global Gutz Brisbane Jun 22, 2009

And across the world, people in Brisbane were taking part in Global Gutz as well! Results for the world-wide race are up here. Good to see some NYC heads finishing it up first in the US.

  • Outback Jack

    Queensland eh?! The Louisiana of Australia. Damn redneck cops got nothing better to do.

  • andrew

    Any fines for people riding brakeless?

  • Kenoath

    No fines were given out on the night. The laws in regards to brakeless is quite vague it just says you need one effective brake. So you could argue that fixed is similar to pedal back brakes.

    Worst thing about it is that if we did rerun the race during the week GG wasn’t going to let us post up the times.

    And there was 17 police in total