Fox News Reporter Dragged Cyclist Through Central Park Jun 9, 2009

This story seems to be repeating itself quit frequently. If drivers knew they could face a prison sentence for assault with a deadly weapon, maybe they’d think twice about using their car to attack cyclists. A friend of mine had a driver chase after him with his SUV and when he went to get onto the pedestrian path, the driver DROVE UP THE PATH after him. Cops eventually came out and the driver claimed my friend had hit his car, damaging it. Which was false. The cops took the driver’s side and issued my friend a ticket for fleeing the scene.

Rewind a bit; the driver DROVE up the pedestrian path to block my friend’s path. The safety zone for pedestrians in this city. What should the NYPD do to drivers engaging in this behavior?

My answer: BURN EM.

  • dontcoast

    …which is why i cant say i’m sorry for any of the u-lock justice dished out/ busted mirrors and windows

    might be that some innatentive but not malicious drivers get some damage to their vehicle sometimes after bumping/swerving at at cyclist by accident, and thats too bad, but shit, were have to be so on our toes and on the defensive that reacting in violent fear is to be expected.

    i wish that instead of (or at the very least in addition to) “cycling advocated” chastising cyclists who break a mirror after being run off the road/hit, drivers would be like “yo respect cyclists a little more or they will hate all cars and declare bloody war on us”

    i’ve been hit, chased and run off the road so many times, that last time i got hit i just punched the windshield of the car until i ended up in jail. and i’m not apologetic for it. yes, it was truly an accident then, but at the end of the court shenanigans, i asked the judge ” have you ever been hit by a car on a bike?” and he had nothing to say. i recently found a huge web thread of cyclists on a bike forum talking shit on me (based on a 3 line police blurb, w/o any info from the drivers or me) and i bet they have been lucky ones thus far. props to them if they can keep their cool when it happens to them, seeing their life flash before ’em.

    yes, prolly, i agree. burn ’em.

    i was just in my ol’ hometown of chicago and what news there? oh yeah, 3 hit and run deaths in the past few months.
    now this. and thats just the stuff that makes the news.

    fuck that makes me maaaaaad.

    sure, escalating confrontations isn’t really constructive, but people need to understand that a driver getting their car whacked might have to pay a few “bones” at the garage to get their stuff fixed, while cyclists getting whacked by cars might be paying with bones in their body…or their life.

    just to put things in perspective.


  • Rob

    Coupla weeks ago my aeroheads got busted up by some serious BMW ensconced dicks. Totally twisted in half style. This shits on purpose and there’s been worse, buses! Fuck it makes me mad. Cops don’t give a fuck but their happy to get all, “get some brakes son”.

  • j man

    i agree this is wrong, but the law is the law.
    and of course a cop would tell you to get brakes, he wants to ensure your safety

  • Both people were riding road bikes and neither broke the law in my post. The only people who broke the law were the drivers who risked the cyclist’s lives, the other drivers lives and pedestrian’s lives. Something that’s a major issue in major cities with density.

  • j man

    i know that as a biker, i break laws on a daily basis, and i know you do too

  • Jman, so you’re saying running someone over with a 3,000 lb truck is the same as rolling through a stop sign?

    What happens everyday with drivers assaulting cyclists would be like if we ran pedestrians off the road or pushed them down as they crossed the streets. I’d never do that and the only time I hit a pedestrian, I felt horrible, stayed there and made sure she was ok.

    Don’t play that game. Lame. Use a real email address too!

  • Dmitri

    Drivers get violent towards cyclists, so each cyclist retaliates in their own way, whether it be a u lock on the hood, punch the windshield, etc, or a “law abiding” defense, the cops don’t give shit. So what the hell are we supposed to do in our defense?

  • dontcoast

    some cyclists seem to compare rolling through stop signs to vehicular assault just to feel self righteous.

    it’s a socially engrained thing though. the weak must play by the rules and the strong can get away with anything in this society.

    see also

    ” damn iraqis fighting back with ak’s and roadisde bombs! bring out more DU rounds for our M-50’s! call in the airstrike!”

    or “she was out late at night wearing provocative clothing so sexual assault was ok”

    but while i’m not surprised when die-hard motorists justify their very messed up actions by saying “oh he broke a law too”, it really saddens me when cyclists stick to that line. so much for solidarity.

  • dontcoast

    note- i’m not drawing comparisons between the disdain motorists have for cyclists and the oppression of women or of people in far away countries by neo-colonialism. i’m merely drawing comparisons between the patterns of double standards between legitimized/accepted violence or rule breaking vs. illegal/not socially accepted violance or rule breaking

  • kale

    The driver was probably (prolly?) intoxicated, but never tested. Fault the NYPD on that one. This type of incident doesn’t happen out of thin air – either the driver was drunk, coked out, or really needed to take a piss, but the cyclist might have antagonized him a little.

    There’s so many drivers out there just waiting to go off, it only takes a middle finger to turn them from just honking, tailgating assholes into the Fox Guy. I know it’s hard to suppress the urge to ding a car, or even use a few choice words describing what you did to their mother last night, but ignoring the cocksuckers has worked the best for me. It makes me feel like a pussy sometimes, but I get home in one piece and have to wait to get hit by accident.

  • The way i look at it is that these people drive a vehicle that easily weighs 2000 lbs. more than i do. They intend to kill me. If a driver is doing to try to hurt me, im not going to ignore it. Why would you ignore someone intentionally trying to injure or kill you? EFF THAT. I carry a ulock for hoods, windows, whatever i can smash i will. I carry a knife and an awl as well.

    If a driver cant wait 10 seconds for a safe time to pass me then i dont know what to say. People now days are far to impatient and have an instant gratification/entitlement syndrome. Since when is having to wait a few seconds to pass a cyclist worth jeopardizing a persons life over?

    EFF yuppies and that whole now now now me me me lifestyle. Guess that yoga that they do isint helping them relax now is it?


  • dontcoas

    kale- i agree, ignoring them is the best thing to do most of the time.

    but when they do hit one of us or even bump or run off the road or otherwise attack us/put us in immediate, serious physical danger, that’s when i have no problem with a direct angry response.

  • riot_hero

    I couldn’t even tell you the number of mirrors I’ve punched off of SUV’s while riding on my motorcycle, to give idiot drivers something to think about after coming into my lane.

  • Be careful for meatheads driving SUV’s out there, people!