Fixed Fiend Jun 2, 2009

I have to thank my dear friend Joel, aka Lamour Supreme, for this belated birthday present. When he said “I have something for you”, I suspected it’d be some limited edition toy he splooged on worth millions in Japan. When I saw him 2 weeks ago, he brought out a portfolio and handed me a piece of paper.

It’s the original Demon On A Track drawing!!!!

I just got a frame for it and am beyond stoked. This is the best birthday present anyone’s ever given me. So bad ass man!


  • oneangrytoast

    wow what an amazing gift.

    i have been meaning to ask you/joel about the original inspiration for this piece. i recall reading on the post you made about the mike giant “rendition/rip” of this design and joel said “This image is actually quite old and is documented in some old skool tracksite. It’s been in circulation and probably anyone that rides a track bike knows about it.”

    do either of you have a link to the OG design? just wanted to check it out.

    thx in advance.

  • whaaaaaat??!?! Thats goddamn killer!