Faret Cycle Night 3 Jun 16, 2009

Faret Cycle Night 3 from nb on Vimeo.

Peep this video of the last Faret Cycle Night in Tachikawa. Favorite part was the guy on the legit track bike with drops doing a massive roll-out. Shame he didn’t land it! Still, it was really dialed. Also a bunnyhop comp, which we’ll be doing this Saturday. Who do you think will max it out and at what height?

  • dancakes

    eric puckett hit 36” in january

  • I met a few of these guys about a two weeks ago.


  • Hector

    ummm, you know that’s a BMX bike right? I got bored after 60 seconds, does anyone actually pull anything clean in this video?

  • I know the highest hopper is a BMX, yes. But there were also guys getting up on fixed gears too.

    And yeah, not much is pulled! haha

  • j

    fun was had, pulled or not it really doesn’t matter. you can tell when someone is trying to put out a ‘banger’ clip and failing as opposed to people putting out ‘jollytimeWEEE!!’ clips like these.

  • it seems like some people feel they need to be amazed otherwise a video isnt worth watching. bicycle video desensitization.

  • I still dig it. “Landed bangers” or not.

  • agreed.

  • vin-E

    36″ ???!!!!?!?!
    I NEED to see this!!

  • riot_hero

    This has no negative connotation toward the video at all it just reminds me of this kid I used to know who could ollie higher then anyone I’ve ever seen on a skateboard but all around he was a horrible skateboarder.