COG Magazine 06 Jun 3, 2009


COG magazine issue #06 is now shipping. If your local shop doesn’t carry them, you can order an issue from Milwaukee.

There’s some great content in there!

  • Tracko

    I thought Cog was suppose to be free?

  • It is, from a local shop. But if they ship it to you, it costs money.

    I’m guess MKE is just helping COG out and I doubt they’re making much, if anything off selling it / distributing it via their store.

  • Swooper

    Don’t you get enough stuff for free tracko?

  • Tracko

    I’m just saying for the people!

  • dp

    the gang at cog mag is really, really doing a great job. love the vintage stuff, 6 day coverage in this issue. so cool to see.