Chris Piascik / Chorus Jun 11, 2009

Chorus Gallery is proud to present Chris Piascik. Chris is not only riding one of my old Bruiser protos, but he’s also an, illustrator, graphic artist and the Cambridge funny man.

Text from OPEN / Chorus:

Aside from being a stand-up guy, he is amazingly motivated. His day-to-day is filled with 8 hours of diligent work at Alphabet Arm, graphics for his line Print Brigade, and a nightly sketchbook illustration, which he publishes here. Check out his site for more!

Good job man!

  • Thanks man!

  • If you call watching me bar spin that insanely huge Bruiser, yeah, Chris is ‘riding’ it…

  • mintextract

    nice typography but way characters were combined/drawn on the first pic reminds me of john burgerman… big ups!