Bombing Down Broadway July 4th! Jun 29, 2009

You have no idea how insane this race is. I’d lay it all on the table and say that there is no other alleycat in any country / city across the world that can touch the shear chaos that goes down during this:

-NYC traffic [check]
-TONS of tourists in town [check]
-Broadway being all f’ed up this year [check]
-Fireworks [check]
-Holiday traffic [check]
-50+ riders [check]
-NASTY hills uptown [check]
-Drunken idiots everywhere [check]

You down?

Keep watch for updates!

  • Aizen

    Heck yea!! It’s alley’s like this that make me wonder why, I moved in the first place, damn if only the weapons on the pic could be used to fend off the peds and nightly rift-raft LOL, heat seeking you say.? Hmmmm, gimme 10

  • crihs

    nice! throw it while i am not around. hope some one kicks austins ass.

  • dontcoast

    now that looks like FUN!

  • wilis

    Yes sir!!!! This is such fun race this year makes #3. Come!!!!