BFF2009 NYC isn’t Over Yet! Jun 21, 2009

Even though it rained, we still threw down the Track Events. More details to follow, but Andy T. has some pics up here!

… and come by the Freeman Transport closing party after you catch the rest of the BFF09 screenings!

More updates to come as well as another edit and a ton of pics!

  • crkls

    wonka is too good, his style is like no other. Hey where’s tom lamarche been? he’s my favorite rider and i’ve noticed not much spotlight has been on him recently.

  • tom’s had a broken wrist for a few months now. Puckett killed the comp and Tom and Wonka went at it head to head in the bunnyhop comp. They maxed out at 25 1/2″

  • puckett ftw!

    texas is proud!

  • crkls

    bummer about the wrist. i hope to see some new footy or shots of his him killing it again. the king needs to take his throne.