BFF09 Edit pt. 2 Jun 24, 2009

BFF09 Edit pt. 2 from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Finally, I think that’s the longest I’ve spent on a web edit before. So many clips to sift through and edit. But it covers a good amount of randomness. All the events went on during the BFF09 NYC. I wish I had clips of the Seattle, Hawaii crews, Puckett drunk and Elliot being Elliot. Overall it was a great weekend and thanks to everyone who came out! Next year maybe it won’t rain!

Make sure to watch to the end for the BMX long-jump and Anson’s nasty spill.

BFF09 Edit pt. 1

  • looks like most fun ever.

    nice spins prolly! big ups!

  • hahaha fucking tony doing goldsprints with his boot

  • sick dude, what tune is that? big tune

  • Coki – The Sign

    Dubstep Producer outta the UK. Worked with Mala and Benga a lot.

  • word, nice one.

    i produce dubstep and shit too, check the mixtape.

    (blatant self promotion) :P

  • Whix

    hah hilarious vidd!

    dude eprom i got you mixtape in boulder before glitch mob couple months back – shit is sick. come back to Btown and bring yo bike!

  • hustlejr


    Real good.

    100 props coming your way.

  • puckett

    such a good time. hope to see YALL FOOLS again.

  • everyone hates queens huh?

  • doa

    fuck queens negga! hahaha wonka is hilarious.

  • Hahahaha.

    “Have you guys seen that Danny MacAskill video? This is worse.”

  • lady

    love the track!

  • dumplings, pizza, food poisoning, GOTH GIRLS, mana from the heavens, QUEENS (fuck that place) wonka