BFF 2009 Roundup Jun 22, 2009


So here we are. A whole ton of pictures from the past 5 days. Jeremiah wall bonk at the Peel Spot on Elliot’s my little pony bike.


Jeremiah also makes HOLD FAST straps in Redhook, Brooklyn. These are what I’ve been riding for the past few months and am in LOVE. Be sure to keep watch here, as we try to sell some more.


Tom Mosher is like an excited lap dog. He loves Tony. He also rides for Volume bikes and began Trick Track.


Here’s Tom, Jake and Torey in McCarren park. Madness ensued there so we’ll fast forward to the BFF Goldsprints after party.


James Newman tearing it up. Luke Stiles took first that night. Cyclehawk held it down!


Tarck pile outside. I was so drunk, I unlocked my bike and the stack fell!


Onto the next morning at the BFF09 Street Festival. I met up with Freeman Transport. Really amazing products. The internet does not do their handywork justice. I got to ride the Gravel Racer and if I didn’t already have a stuffed stable, I’d look into getting one of these!


Here’s Wonka, being Wonka.


Burd and Luke looking green.


Wilis raced in the Bridge Battle and got filthy.


The judges at the Track Bike events. Who thought it was a good idea to give those 3 a megaphone? Eric Puckett took first place at the freestyle and Tom and Wonka tied the Bunnyhop, maxing out at 25 1/2″.


… and last but not least, Sean smilin!

You can find the rest over at my Flickr.

  • cj

    not trying to start/talk shit, but what’s up with the peg on wonka’s bike? one peg turns into two, two turns into 4, and on and on…

  • meh. I dunno. He’s gonna do whatever he wants, as will most people. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. I personally wouldn’t do it.

  • I know you were stoked on the collection Saturday, but just wait for what Ben and Nathaniel have coming in the near future…that little meeting turned into quite the eye-opener.