2 Geeks, One House Jun 5, 2009

Speaking of Boston and Geekhouse, the guys have been busy. Dual disk brakes! More info please!

…and a curved seat tube.

Very nice!

Geekhouse Proto?

  • I’m guessing that first one is a polo bike? nice…

  • Actually, that first one is an urban assault vehicle – more a mash-up of bmx, track and cross frame. One of our pals bought it from us, now it spends most of its time in Harvard Square. There is another like it underway, except belt-drive – pics to come! – open

  • Terry B

    I’m in love with these bikes. You guys should route the front brake line through the steer-tube on the urban assault.

  • hfwido

    The green build is soooo sick.

  • The bike that is being built right now happens to be a single-speed,internally routed lines, belt-drive with disc-brakes. -open.

  • Jer Bear

    Didn’t those come out way back when at NAHBS?

  • Yeah, these were some of the first bikes to catch my eye at NAHBS. Especially the green one with discs & 20mm thru axle.

    Beautiful work Geekhouse!