Zeitfrei Inaugural Release Information May 14, 2009

Hypebeast sent me some new information on their collaborative efforts between themselves, Solebox, Adidas and Bianchi. Read up below!

To help usher in their all-new cycling-inspired footwear offering, the Zeitfrei, leading sportswear company Adidas has aligned itself with two well-known entities in the sneaker and street culture realm. Men’s centric streetwear and fashioned-based website Hypebeast and popular Berlin-based sneaker boutique Solebox have both been brought on board to each design their very own version of the Zeitfrei. The shoes, which will debut later this month, include an added bonus with the inclusion of exclusive one-off complete show bikes on behalf of famed Italian bike company Bianchi, that match the aesthetics of each respective Zeitfrei design.

From a technical standpoint, the Zeitfrei features low-profile construction. Various technical elements have been incorporated into the shoe’s design knowing full well the necessary traits that riders require every time they set out into the streets. The shoe’s perforated upper allows for ventilation in addition to having a reflective layer beneath to allow for a minimalistic and subdued yet functional design, which can offer performance properties when required. The same reflective material is also seen ever so slightly hidden via mesh on the heel. Additional reflective materials are seen on the embossed heel logo and as a stripe around the foxing band. The laces can be neatly and safely tucked away into a neoprene pocket which also houses the logos for both Hypebeast and Solebox. In this particular release, the suede tongue features a laser-etched number to denote the shoe’s particular place among the 100 total pairs produced. The outsole features two distinct treads while the forefoot design allows for improved pedal feel and grip. Rounding out the innovation is a design which offers the conventional look of vulcanized construction with the added rigidity and comfort of a cupsole. The relatively stiffer outsole of the Zeitfrei offers a good compromise between performance and everyday comfort and wearability.

With each partner releasing their own final product exclusively through their own mediums, the shoes will begin their release over a one week period starting on Saturday, May 23rd at Solebox (in-store only). Hypebeast (online only) will launch their version the following week on Friday, May 29th at http://store.hypebeast.com. As an added bonus, Solebox has included an SKS Solebox Air Champ Pro Air Pump with the sale of each pair of shoes. Hypebeast and their retail package includes a cycling cap, Cordura messenger bag and a carry-all sling bag. Only 50 pairs will be available for retail with another 50 pairs being sent to friends & family.

The special one of a kind Bianchi bicycles will be made available for showing throughout Bianchi outlets following the sale of the shoes. At the conclusion of the tour, the bikes will be auctioned off for charity.

Solebox x adidas “The Complete Ride” Zeitfrei Release Information

Date: Saturday, May 23rd, 2009
Time: 12:00 pm CEST
Location: Nuernberger Strasse 16, 10789 Berlin, DE
Price: €110 EUR
Sizes: US 8 – US 12 (full sizes only)
Includes: SKS Solebox Air Champ Pro Air Pump

Hypebeast x adidas “The Complete Ride” Zeitfrei Release Information

Date: Friday, May 29th, 2009
Time: 2 pm NYC | 11 am LA | 7 pm London | 8 pm Berlin | 2 am Hong Kong (Saturday the 30th)
Location: http://store.hypebeast.com
Price: $198 USD
Sizes: US 6.5, US 7 – US 12 (full sizes only)
Includes: Cycling Cap, Cordura Messenger Bag, Canvas Carry-All Bag

Once my pair of Adidas gets in the mail, I’ll be doing a review on them for everyone. Looks like a promising project and the bikes look well thought out and built properly.

The Complete Ride Bike Preview
Complete Ride Zeitfrei Preview
The Complete Ride

  • vin-E

    ummm dope ass shoes!!
    crazy ass price… :(

  • dope bike! screw charity, auction that to meeeeee

  • nickinwi

    thats lame, why do a review on a shoe that none of us could a.) afford, and b.) obtain?!?!?! helloooo, 50 available (50 to friends and the other 50 split between two retailers? at an outrageous price?)?!?!?! wow, way to make it worth it


  • Simmer down man!

    My thoughts on the matter are if these shoes are accepted widely and sell well, Adidas will release them as a legitimate and readily-accessible model.

    If they suck for riding, then no one really cares right?

    Hopefully, companies will see the need to address the subject and small “test launches” like this is a way to test the market out.

    Get it?

  • I felt the same way when I saw that the shoes were a limited release but what you say makes sense.

    I think the shoes look dope but those bikes look bloody awful.

    The lace pocket thing is a good idea but I wonder if they’ll still make the laces far too long like every other pair of sneakers I have ever owned.

    I wonder how long these have been in the works and whether they have purposely released before Nike bring out the City Tiempo?

  • I’ve seen the City Tiempos [various samples, in person] and a good friend of mine designed the NYC ones. They’re legit as hell.

  • riot_hero

    It’s very rare that I see a shoe on hypebeast that I actually like, it’s even more rare when they are special editions but both of those look dope as hell.

    They aren’t Dayglo neon colors, pastels, metallic, shiny, hand painted or some other nonsense. Just clean looking and functional shoes. Now if we can just get the sweat shops making them to bring the costs down and we’ll be all good.

  • On the face of it I prefer the look of the Tiempo but I respect the fact that Adidas are producing a new model rather than another repro/retro.

  • nate

    these look nice, but not as nice as the city tiempos.

  • unimpressed

    not too sure i like the bikes

  • sy_ng

    just wondering…. but do the ‘hypebeast’ crew ride? apart from being ‘hypebeasts’, i do not see what they have to do apart from jumping on the fashion side of the fixed gear ‘scene’. i am not hating, but just wondering…

    that being said, i think it good that there are people supporting/launching products to progress the sport, but i find it hard to see what we/they will get out of it. i understand it will be a limited (and $$$) release, but will the people that buy it really use it to ride or are they more sneaker heads adding to their collection? i was a shoe head myself and i think the shoes are done nice. Prolly, it’s great that you are getting a pair to test out, but not everyone person that ride will have the opportunity…

    just my two cents.

  • Thanks a lot for the support Prolly…

    sy_ng: I think you bring up the point that I was originally a bit apprehensive about when approaching this project. I won’t go on to say I’m a hardcore rider and I rarely get a chance to ride a fixed gear bike aside from the few times with friends outside of Hong Kong. But for me, I looked at it more as a challenge of creating something from start to finish and doing it correctly or to the best of our abilities alongside the groups involved. The authenticity could have obviously been enhanced but I didn’t want this to be an insurmountable roadblock.

    I have a great respect for the everyday rider as well as a strong group of friends. I genuinely hoped a successful project would further be enhanced through more exposure and product that hopefully performs up to their standards.