Wonka Berns It Down! May 20, 2009

BOOM SON. Bernin’ it down with the GOrilla crew!

Via GOrilla blog

Wonka Eurotrip Teaser
Watch out Zurich
Wonka in Europe!

  • VforVAGINA

    i noticed alot of the dudes that kill it on the trick bikes have been or are bmx riders

    what does this mean??

    cause that dude in the pic is wearing a animal shirt.!??!?!?!?!??!?!
    im also building a trick track bike from that mlwk bruiser and MTB/bmx parts

  • Wonka used to ride BMX. He’s boys with the Animal guys, hence the shirt.

  • smelly

    Hah, I live in Bern’s “daughter city,” New Bern, North Carolina. Too bad I’m the only one riding fixed here.

  • yeah

    v for vag it means kids werent getting paid on bmx bikes so they saw the new hip shit and are trying to evolve the thing, not a sport, and get paid.

  • ale

    hate! hate! hate!
    get over it and ride fool.