White Industries Urban Platform Pedal May 11, 2009

While some companies are re-issuing and re-branding older pedal models, White Industries approached the ‘urban pedal’ market with a fresh new look. They look wider than the GR-9s and come in two colors.

Big thanks to Kyle at Tracko for taking the time to put these photos together. He always does a bang-up job at these product reviews.

I agree, make them accept doubles please!

  • Rusty Tool Shed

    Actually this is not a “new” design. It’s a copy of a 1948 design from Lyotard.


  • wow. Awesome find. Thanks!

  • Do you think they’d be a little slippery? Looks like it.

  • dontcoast

    yay lyotard reissue! lyotards are probably my all time favorite pedal, but once i started doing more tricks i destroyed a pair (stamped together parts and all)

    but the lyotard was a pedal designed for cleated shoes. the cleat bar is removed on this design. an urban version needs some sort of traction improvement. maybe i’ll buy some and stick griptape on the top.

  • josh

    $235 for a pair of pedals? i’ll definitely pass

  • Abe

    Looks pretty sweat, but given all the stops and starts in urban riding I’d think having flats on both sides would be a pretty essential design element…

  • Abe

    Their site does say they are designed to take double straps though, looks like maybe you can feed them through the top of the pedal.

  • Edward Scoble

    Even if it have a single strap, a double strap is perfectly fine providing that the cage you use is designed for double strap.

    $235 is pretty overkill, and here’s me thinking I spend too much on an MKS RX-1 pedals!

    309g is heavy for a pedals too, even my bog standard MKS one is 200g each, and the RX-1 is obviously light, including cage and strap (4 gate cage + toshi double) the weight topped up to 225g.

  • Edward Scoble

    Come to think of it, was the 309g weight is for the pair? not a single pedal?

  • They’re practically clones of my SR SP-11 pedals, an I paid $8 for mine. I love the quality of White Industry products, but the price of these is totally laughable.

  • Bob

    I got a pair of these from The Bike Biz for $219. They were worth every penny. The only thing I’ve seen that is remotely as nice are the MKS Custom Nuevo, but the platform on the White Ind. urban pedals is way better with normal “street” shoes.

  • dennis

    The price is totally reasonable for a product of this type. The pedals are manufactured by a small company in small volumes to a niche market.
    People that complain about price usually do so because there cheap but want the nice stuff. Quit your bitchin and shell out the cash aleady….I just did…lol!!

    Dennis / DMT