The Take’s Take May 28, 2009

BMX company, the Take have just introduced a new street fixed gear marketed towards the ‘freestyle’ crowd. Not bad looking. It’s gusseted and has an over-sized downtube. They’re a little self-conscious about the brake bridge, but I don’t mind it. I do think the track ends and rear triangle are a little too thin. Beef that sucker up. Anyway, what’s the geometry guys?

Via Tracko

  • j

    i agree , beef the rear up . i never have probs with the front of my bike going out of whack . its always the back that i smash to one side or the other. looks pretty nice though! im fine with the brake plate as well. its something different.

  • fork? or this gonna be like fbm and volume where you have to wait a year after it comes out to get a fork……lol

  • nate c

    the take frames are made by fbm.

  • All The Take frames are FBM made as far as I know. Ths one too perhaps?

  • Noir

    Yeah, FBM makes stuff for the take.

  • homeless

    fbm bought the take a while ago. they are the same company.

  • Same dropouts as the original FBM Sword.
    Looks like an internal Campy style headtube, with a gussetted TT and DT. I’de like a side by side comparision to the FBM Sword.

  • Yes,im feeling it.True,Fbm is doing them,and they rock the same dropouts as the Sword,Change em,and ill buy one.