So Appropriate May 27, 2009

Keith and Ross for the win!

They speak the truth. Neon bikes are a trend. People who have neon bikes are…

  • …fucking kickass!!!

    …in need of black splatter paint!!!

    …totaling nailing the prom queen!!!

  • Andrew P

    The above comment makes no sense, but it gets a 10 from me.

  • “This is kind of ridiculous!”

  • erikerikerikerik

    now all you need are some shorts to match the fork.. and some oakley blades.

  • CH

    those bontrager composite forks were the tits

  • dontcoast

    …an eyesore

    glad to know what i’ve been opining about for five years, people with serious cred have been saying for decades! :)

  • Glory days!

  • byron

    …dont you have a neon yellow fork?

  • …that’s the joke Byron!

  • byron

    fuck me, my sarcastic meter is way off.

  • Todd

    If “ridin’ neon” is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!