Precedents not Knock-offs May 3, 2009

Some people like to blast out on companies for “knocking-off” older-styled bicycle components. I for one welcome it. Let’s look at it realistically people, Campagnolo made the first Nuovo Record rings with a double band. Years later, Sugino released the Mighty ring. Same with Campy hubs. Almost everything that was first Italian was later copied by the Japanese companies. Then, when the Italian companies went the tech route, Japanese tradition made these components better, improving on them for years.

Now, with the popularity of track bikes, people want those classic-looking components but don’t have the money to buy the old vintage pieces. Whereas most of the cycling world has gone the Carbon / gram weight weenie approach, a few companies are re-issuing their classic designs. San Marco for one, has reissued their Concor. Cinelli has reissued the Unicanitor, but Campagnolo will never reissue their older models. Why? I don’t know. Some people even take the effort to photoshop the modern Campy lines into the popular and highly sought-after Corsa line… Hell, I’m convinced! Levis continues to make their older models, step it up Campy!

But for one, I won’t blast-on companies meeting this demand! Hell, I love my Grunge saddle Turbo / Concor knockoff. It’s replaceable.

For instance, the new Starfuckers rings look nice. CNC Milled front and back ring with drillium holes. Very classy!

Starf*ckers Saddles?
Reissue Don’t Rape
Concor Returns

  • nickinwi


    campagnolo does not see a market in the realm of “vintage” anything. simply put: no money=no product.

    we may see a market, because we are the market. campagnolo will not release anything unless somebody says, “hey, campy! make us shit that looks 20 years old and doesnt cost an arm and a leg!” alas, the reply wont be, “sure!” it will be “That already exists: on eBay.”

    cinelli and selle italia are relatively “in-tune” (so to speak) with urban life (look at mike giantxcinelli, for example) because the head honchos are art gurus. all campy wants is money, and potential resale value for a solid retail base.

  • I was wondering if you’d pick up on that post. The way I see it:

    I’m pretty sure those pedals are just rebranded Wellgos. I guess that doesn’t entirely excuseSoma but the real beef is with Wellgo for designing/making copies.

    Those hubs look completely different to the Suzue Pro Max.

    Their point about the fake Flite is fair enough I suppose but as for the Ta-bo: I was under the impression that the Turbo was discontinued in which case you’d have to buy second hand meaning Selle Italia aren’t losing out if people buy the Ta-bo anyway.

    Thinking about it the Ta-bo really is true to its bootleg moniker in that an official version is unavailable much like a bootleg live recording.