Philly Bootleg Crew at Vimby May 6, 2009
VIMBY – Philly Bootleg Crew

I hope this makes you want to ride your bike! Vimby tagged along with Tom and Tony to make this short on Bootleg Sessions and Water St. Sessions. One of the best Internet edits of all time. Seriously, great stuff.

Good job guys!

  • sam

    Very cool to see progression both in riding and in publicity. Keep it up everyone!

  • hfwido

    Niiice! It definitely made me want to ride…

  • Hey John, is that your Brother? David Watson… hehe


  • allen

    those guys rippp

  • AJ

    tom killin it even with a cast on his wrist!

  • even with a broken wrist, he’s still better than anyone else…

  • Its true, the kid will roll up, cast on wrist, hang out, go destroy the bank real quick, roll off, no big deal. haha. Also, Yo Philly readers! Come out tonight! Banks are open, rain or shine!

  • this rules… pretty stoked on 700cmx right now.