Obree at it Again! May 21, 2009

43-year-old Graeme Obree is planning on regaining his previous hour-record. Amazing. If you aren’t aware of Obree’s previous UCI-scorning career, make sure to rent the Flying Scottsman. It’ll give you the run down and complete history of his cycling career.

This bike fucking rules too. Reynolds 653 not fucking carbon fiber. I’ve always said, it’d be so rad if professional cyclists got up on some nostalgia and rode steel frames. I’m rooting for ya man!

Via Bikeradar

  • Aaron Bliss

    WHAT!??! Damnnnn look at that gear ratio! My head spun.



  • That bike has bigger balls than a bull fighter in a ring of fire. It looks like a fun ride!

  • Ran

    Fuck yeah

  • hustlejr

    “Reynolds 653 not fucking carbon fiber.”

    He doesn’t have a choice!

  • rabbit troop

    oh man, i want to go to there…

  • The bike is retro because there are limits to the type of bike you can use to break the hour record. The bike can only be one like the bike Merckx broke the record in Mexico with, there is a separate record for cray carbon fiber flying machines. This record is more prestigious I think.

  • Carmel

    “The bike also features another Obree trademark, a huge gear: 138 inches (67×13) to be exact.” not bad

  • Edward Scoble

    I suggest getting the book instead of the movie, it’s really well worth reading.


  • I know he doesn’t have a choice. I also know there are limits. I’m just saying, I like it when professional cycling events use steel bikes!

  • Read the book, and while I really hope he can break the record, I wonder if this is really good for him. GO has a history of self-destructive behavior, spurred on by throwing himself into these extreme pursuits.

    For me, I want him to succeed. For him, I just hope he’s finding some peace.

  • rolli

    WOWWW, that Chainring is ridiculous!

  • dan

    He is not forced to ride a steel bike. the rules forbid any aerodynamic equipment the bike can be carbon as long as all the tubes are round. the current uci hour record holder Ondřej Sosenka(49.700km) set the record on a carbon bike made by Francesco Moser.

    So yes riders choosing steel over other materials is awesome.

  • awesome info, thanks dan!

  • dontcoast

    i love and support all cyclists who thumb their nose at the uci and come through with records.
    i love steel frames too
    go obree!

    but your right, cant be very good for him physically

  • nickinwi

    yeah, the book is great.