More Tanner May 17, 2009

alohaFIXED X Tanner Monmaney 2 from ALOHA FIXED on Vimeo.

Smoking’s bad for you man! But it’s not slowing him down. Tanner’s got some of the fastest and cleanest tricks I’ve seen. Riding is solid and he has chainring grind combos coming out of everywhere.

Aloha Fixed!

Another Tanner Video
Chainring Grind to 3 Tap

  • jmf

    killin it without foot retention sheesh

  • 650s and 150mm cranks? really…

  • ian


  • i think we got a hater uptop.

  • f the haters, he’s steezing the hardest out of anyone right now.. who cares what your setup consists of, killing it is killing it.