Milwaukee Stein Bar Ends May 29, 2009

They’re in stock and ready to go!

Wish I had a beer right about now…

Milwaukee Bar Ends

  • oneangrytoast

    hi, can you please quit pussy-footing around a design some prolly new eras? youre in super tight with mishka and they are the *only* brand who has their own section on….seems like a no brainer.

    also, more architecture please :D

    (this is written with respect and love, even tho i prob seem like im being a dick)

  • Hrmmmmmm….. ;-)

  • i just had a beer. now i’m back in my office wondering if it’s better to have loved and lost or to never have loved at all. i may need a bottle of wine to help me find the solution.

  • MAX


  • Andrew

    Sakkis: Ditto. I blame the weather here in Tokyo.