Milwaukee Bruiser Fork May 21, 2009

Straight from the brewer’s mouth

Available at the end of June…

Bruiser Fork AM – Aftermarket
4130 Heat Treated Chromoly
Weight – 1300g w/300mm Steerer
1-1/8″ One-Piece Fully CNC’d Steerer
990 Brake Mounts with Removable Studs (plugs included when not using studs)
400mm Axle to Crown
32mm Rake
6mm Dropouts
Stainless Beer Mug Badge
Black ED Coated Inside and Out for Full Rust Proofing
Your Choice of Solid Color (excluding pearl coats or metalflake)
Lifetime Warranty

We do it proper!

  • anthony

    i will be buying this fork at the end of june if possable.

  • Jeff

    What would this be like on a Volume Cutter frame?

  • dre

    i’m curious if the 20mm length difference in the fu manchu will be the clearance i need for bar spins on my volume cutter [54]. anyone? i like this, certainly price wise, but still leaning towards to the fu manchu.

  • I don’t know about the cutter. It cleared my Gangsta track fine and it also cleared Tony’s Orange One [the other 1 1/8″ HT bike MKE makes] – chances are, it’ll clear. For shits and giggles, I put one on a Fuji Track Pro and it cleared that too…

    From what I gather, Volume didn’t intend to make a unicrown when they designed the Cutter, so that could very well be the reason for the 2cm difference. Which is why we designed our bike as a frameset. Not just a frame with a big fork…

  • Price came down $10 already! Wooo!

  • buddy

    if only they would do a 1inch. even a limited run so i wouldnt have to buy volumes..

  • fugly

    what are the limits of the warranty?

  • Carl Lucas

    I love the style of this fork but my next fixed project is a 26er not 700c.

  • Jgotti

    looks sooooo hawt

  • fixed_hesh

    I have to admit that Volume just got one-upped hard, choice of color, American made, sweet removable brake tabs (tracklocross anyone) and a cheaper price point. I just have two concerns: are they going to be stoked or made to order and does Milwauke plan on selling the frame without the fork in the future? (cause I need a new fork but not a new frame yet.)