Metallico May 22, 2009

No, not Metallica, Metallico!

Rounded-end drop bars for your track bikes. Pretty nice. Not sure about US distro or shipping, but you can head over and check out the site and see for yourself.

The combination of the stem and the bars on this Nagasawa are sexy as hell. Good job!

    It comes for visiting in Osaka.

  • sorry charlie

    nitto is doing these too.
    drops, bullhorns, and risers.
    get em at yojimbos in chicago.

  • I know. Doesn’t mean other companies can’t do the same!

  • sorry charlie

    oh, of course.
    not hating, only noting.

  • Is the commodity the same as metallico in a round end?
    In metallico, the end is an all-in-one design.
    In the cap, it is not. There is not a seam either.
    It is a smooth end.
    Please teach if there is a photograph.

    Metallico rounded straight bar end most first in the worlds. In the stainless steel, there are not no one.
    Lino was aluminum, and Mane did the shape of metallico.
    Moreover, it is pure and too heavy of aluminum.

    Metallico of a round end is original.

  • ^^^ Is it wrong to laugh?

  • scissorneck


  • Dr. No

    I think thats actually a Nakagawa.

  • Metallica forever!