Macaframa Updates May 5, 2009


Macaframa has re-upped their blog with a new layout, updated rider bios and a preorder page. Head over now and place your order for the limited-edition 2 disk set!

  • finn

    yeah well that all good and all if you live in the states, while the rest of the world gets no maca dvd.

  • Colby Elrick

    Yes you do doggy. Its sold world wide from our site. Might not be up yet

  • Gave it a shot but something wasn’t working. Definitely confused by the double listing for street and no space for state. Maybe I’ll just wait till later…

  • oert

    Well, you might send it worldwide, but its not possible to order it.

    “*** Please enter a valid US ZIP code.” error.

  • Simon

    World shipping not set up to go yet – Asks for a valid US zip code to complete login…
    Will there be a PAL version?

  • mike schmitt

    did this work for anyone?
    i tried to order last night and it kept asking me for a zipcode when i had already entered one.

  • SimplyAlexNy

    My order went through fine

  • I got it to work this morning, but I feel a little uneasy over the fact that there is no category for state. I ended up entering it along with the city category. Received a conformation email too, although it left my shipping address blank. Hopefully it works out.

    Does anyone know if they actually have them in stock? There is no shipping date or mention of pre-order, so I would assume they ship when ordered.

  • Simon

    It looks like there have been a few changes to the cart for US customers but still no area to put country – Assumption is only available in the states! That sucks.