Ku. Jewelry May 4, 2009

Ku. Jewelry is a small company based in Brooklyn. They started making bike-related pieces in 2007 and are still going strong. Check out their blog here and their site here.

The chainring bolt ear rings are amazing!

Really great work. Great to see artists still thriving in Brooklyn!

  • dan pinto

    wow dude thats sweet i think i mite but that for my boyfriend Steve Hartley

  • chainring plugs are rad!

  • DBR

    how punkrock would you have to be to use normal chainring bolts? I don’t have gauges so I’m not sure what would happen, ear infections? I just wonder what the difference is :).

  • ku.

    I placed actual chainring bolt for while.
    It was ok, no infection.
    Aluminum and silver, it is different luster.