Kenny Scharf Does it Right May 5, 2009

Kenny Scharf‘s graphics on the Livestrong series Trek TTX has gotta be one of the best collaborative bike frames to date. Something about it reminds me of the old World Industries graphics. Ying and Yang, water vs. fire, etc. I refuse to post the Shepard Fairey one. It’s hideous.

via Supertouchart

  • dontcoast

    i hate the majority of road bike color schemes these days, and the collabos are usually worse. the shepard fairey one is so noisy! what were they thinking?

    but this is perfect for today’s space age looking bikes. not too noisy, stylin’ and fast looking

  • hustlejr

    Those bars just go on FOREVER!


    LOL to the shep fairey one… i love the opinionated prolly posts.

  • Bliss

    Hey! I really dug the Fairey one. I don’t think he should have stuck with the Livestrong Yellow but the art is classy.

  • Sorry, didn’t mean to insult your taste. I just think it looks too much like that Sublimation Geekhouse joint.

  • pistolo

    the shep bike is one of the ugliest things i’ve ever seen..

  • jeremy

    ahh the old world industry graphics… how old we talking? like the good ol days. fucked up blind kids, the napping negro jovante turner days?
    marc mckee was seriously amazing back then. hmm wonder what hes up to now?

  • The Shep Fairy one is nice but the colour-way is way off. It would look great black on white or white on black, maybe even a tonal colour way. It’s Armstrongs yellow that makes it look horrible.

  • Jesus Alvarez

    dood i feel the same way about faireys bike. I think there is no concept about it. i get what you are saying about world industries battle 2000 graphics. I like the concept behind this one, its amazing.Way way better then the obey bike.