iPod Cycling Apps May 12, 2009


Even though I don’t have a new iPod touch, or an iPhone, these new apps as pointed out by Ruedatropical seem like they’d come in handy for those of you who enjoy mapping your routes:

Bike Power
iMap my Ride

… and while you’re over there, be sure to check out his newly completed Waterford 650b Conversion.


  • Another very handy app: Bicycle Gear Calculator.

  • handy?

    those would be handy if all of those things couldn’t be found elsewhere on the internet.

  • hyper-critical huh Handy?

    iMapmyride seems particularly helpful – it uses your iPhone / iPod’s GPS to map your route. I think it’s a good option for people without a GPS cycling computer. It’s also in the same place as your most of the rest of your life.

    Do you plan on riding with your computer?

    As I said, I don’t have an iPhone or a new iPod because it’s not really that important for me, but it would be handy for other people I’d imagine.

  • well.

    I realized i didn’t specify which of those i was talking about. I actually have two of those apps which I use on my ipod touch on my ride which are actually pretty good, compared to the gps i got.

    i was referring to the bicycle gear calculator as being a bit obsolete. who wouldn’t take into consideration those things before riding their bike?

  • There’s been numerous times that I’ve been out riding with friends and the topic of GiR came up.
    The Gear Calculator has come in handy plenty of times.