Cream City Final May 3, 2009

Finally got the Cream City built up to where I want it. Put some Mavic bullhorns on it, new wheels and it’s ready to roll.

Big thanks to Miguel at Affinity for always doing a bang-up job on my wheels. I wanted something strong on the back, since that’s where most the abuse will land, so I went with a Deep V laced 4x to a Profile fixed / fixed hub and a Velocity Aero on the front for a lower profile.

And thanks to Jeff at Continuum for giving me such an awesome deal on the Mavic bars!

You can find a few more pics here.

Milwaukee Cream City
Cream City

  • Gavin

    Turned out very very nice. Question what cages did you use??

  • Dimension plastic toe clips.

  • geography.

    I’d been eying those bars trying to find a reason to buy them. really dope.

  • erikerikerikerikerik

    looks good dude. i think miguel is finally gonna lace mine up tomorrow and i should be good to go.

  • Todd

    Nice. Dare I say “classy”? Have fun on that thing ( and take pics! ).

  • Looking good, man. A few Team Pegasus riders are on Pegasus edition Cream Citys. They’re a great frame.

  • DBR

    I’ve never seen 4cross before, is it stronger?

  • some would argue yes.