Bruiser Preview 2 May 15, 2009

This bad boy just came back from the painters. Looks incredible. I wanted some flash, but only on the fork. A neon yellow bike would be too much, but the fork will get dirty, covered with stickers, chip and still look insane at dusk.

The Tungsten DLC coating looks amazing too!

Bruiser Preview

  • jgrotts

    when do i get mine!?

  • I just talked to Milwaukee. The Production models are in production now. We changed 2 things from this prototype and the production:
    -BB gusset will be gone
    -DT / HT Gusset will change.

    The new forks have a cnc-machined steerer [similar to the Thomson stems] and still weigh less than any other unicrown fork on the market.

  • Andrew

    That’s sick. Seriously interested in seeing how that coating works in this application.

  • Spencer

    No more purple??

  • nickinwi

    dude, that BB gusset made the bike. that is soo lame that they are getting rid of it.

  • Due to the limitations in the length of the butting in the down tube, one of the gussets had to go so that the potential of stress riser doesn’t occur. It was an obvious choice which one.

  • jros

    are the brake mounts that necessary?it would look cleaner without them

  • The mounts are barely noticeable when the frame is built up too. They’re not ugly to me and I completely agree with MKE’s standing on them. They’re doing safety wisely through enabling people to actually ride brakes and still be able to do barspins.

    I commend them on that.

  • nate c

    how much does the DLC weigh compared to paint?

  • Seriously?

  • Evan

    fuuccckk. you have bikes coming out of your ears!

  • lol

  • Burd

    Digging the colors. Nice.

  • KrEEEstowfUr

    so so FRESH!

  • Blair

    Neon Air Max 95!

  • j.j

    what type of headset is best used for these style of frames i.e cutter or BRUISER. 1 INCH THREADLESS?

  • dwainzig

    …and the advantages of the coating are?

  • Npregler

    Are you going to sell the purple frame and for if so I’m interested

  • MG

    Is that second dimple in the chainstay there by design, or is that just a wicked dent?

  • scissorneck

    Is it me or does that look just like mine… ;)[email protected]/3322931459/

  • you selling the old one????? if so im interested

  • Scissorneck, I had those paint chips sent off months before you even thought about getting a bruiser!


    Dwain, I don’t really think there are major advantages. It was around the same price as paint, the inside and out of the frame were coated, so no rust and it’s incredibly durable. In knife-durability tests, the coating outlived the knife.

    MG, it’s a dimple that the guys at Milwaukee made. Remember, this is a prototype, so they needed to see where the dimple had to be for spider / crank clearance. The final production models won’t have two dimples, just one.

  • scissorneck

    aaaaahhhhhhhh hhhuuuuuhhhh

  • scissorneck

    drew told me they WILL have 2 dimps pimp…

  • I was wrong… 2 dimples…

  • darrell


  • very pretty color scheme!