42 Ride May 11, 2009


If you’re free from June 25th through August 21st, love touring and are aching to ride from NYC to LA, then this is for you! The Bicycle Film Festival and 42 Below Vodka are seeking 42 cyclists to do just that!

Oh yeah, read the fine print at the bottom… Getting paid to ride your bike for two months. Sounds awesome.

  • sounds pretty amazing…we could bring pixel in a basket

  • SimplyAlexNy

    you gonna do this?

  • Does that say $3000 PLUS $25 per day? And an $800 flight home?

  • Groovy. I know one of the guys who was selected for this.

  • JT

    Anyone know if they plan on doing this again or was it a onetime deal? I’d guess it would depend if 42 Below Vodka felt the publicity was enough.