Wired, this Editorial is Tired Apr 16, 2009


Come on now. You guys are usually on top of your game. Wired’s recent editorial on “fixie fashion” is about 2 years behind the likes of Bike Snob NYC and other hatertorial blogs.

Email Mr. Charlie Sorrel and call him out on it!


Julius just informed me that Charlie wrote a follow-up today

  • Andrew P

    Wow. Wired really shit the bed on this one. And that’s not even counting the spelling mistakes.

    I’m pretty sure that not long ago they also wrote an article on how to ride a “fixie”, too.

  • Ahh i just posted about these. Pretty comical.

  • Panda

    I just vomited a lil in my mouth.

  • diegoTR


  • MightyChin

    that follow up is worse than the original article. someone please tell him that an appropriate gear ratio is 52-11, platforms are fine especially when riding in flip flops and the whole project can be garbage picked as long as that’s how much value he puts on his life.

  • Mr T

    Hahaaa….. the only thing worse than a fixie rider is a Dutch, townie rider.

    ‘hatertorial’.. that’s one for the Urban Dictionary.

  • charlie (not that one)

    2012 cant come too soon.

  • Calvin

    Am I the only one that thinks its kind of funny to say that Aerospokes were adopted by couriers so that they could more easily lock up their front wheels? Man, HED3s must be really easy to lock up…

    Oh yeah and “today they have grown to road-bike size”? How long have Aerospokes been around?

  • richieC

    Holy bitterness. what happened to this poor writer to hate bikes and the people that ride them so much? sad.