Vans Supercorsa Fall 2009 Apr 22, 2009

Aside from keeping some of the same nuanced details, the next version of the Vans Vault Supercorsa doesn’t really look like the last version. Sure, the Italian-flag Vans tag is there, but the stylings aren’t the same. The new models use a leather weave on the sides which will no doubt be a bit thicker than the current model.

3 models are slated for release this Fall. Each bearing a different flag; Italian, French and Irish. Really liking the new model and I hope Vans continues to use cycling shoes as precedents for the Supercorsa model. I think I’m leaning more towards the French colorway. White leather will look awesome after a few weeks.

Via Marcus Troy

Vans Vault Supercorsa

  • tyson

    they need to make this in something synthetic. they are the hotness

  • iansmash

    which one is irish?

    french is the first, italian is 2nd…but irish flag is also green white red…not light blue??

  • the one with the Irish flag on it. The color seems to be a bit off in the photo, but it’s the black one.

  • i’m loving the first ones. definitely a nice breeze when you ride. i can’t wait until they get to the 80s on the timeline and start doing models after the neon shants diadora shoes.

  • RAL

    this latest iteration is soooo fresh. I like the black ones, but the green ones would match my bike :)

  • chris

    stiff soles would be cool.

  • Thanks for the blog love guys!

    Marcus Troy

  • Dr. No

    “the one with the Irish flag on it. The color seems to be a bit off in the photo, but it’s the black one.”

    My room mate has samples of the black ones and the color is true to that picture. I don’t doubt that they were doing an homage to the Irish flag but it is def. a light blue pin stripe like in the picture.

  • PTK

    the sole is definitely stiffer than the previous incarnation. it’s a few millimeters thicker, and the heel counter is slightly stiffer due to the leather weave. The insole on the new Supercorsa is leather as well, which adds to the stiffness rather than the cloth sole of the perforated model. After riding in both models for the last few months, I can definitely say that the newer version is more pedal friendly.

  • dontcoast

    i wonder how the soles compare to the chrome milos – the milos had a nice stiff sole for about a month of regular riding, and then they got all floppy like pretty quick

    i’s like a decent shoe thats really stiff for riding and holds its shape

  • Riley Watson

    Any idea if these are coming to Australia? If not, anyone know where i can find them online?… Cheers.

  • Dave Lego

    Maybe its just me, but the orange and light blue on the “Irish” shoe look awfully close to the Garmin-Slipstream team colors.

  • Jade

    man i need the French ones STAT!

    annyone know where they are stocked??

  • jonas

    it’s sad try to depict the dutch flag, you ignorant chavs!