The Dutch Bicycle Apr 16, 2009


When I was in Holland, I rented one of these Dutch bikes. Everyone rode them. Guys would give their girlfriends rides as they sat on the rear luggage racks, people carted around groceries, moms took their kids on bike rides. The Dutch bicycle was a way of life.

The NYTimes has once again used bicycles as inspiration for a fashion editorial entitled the Dutch Bicycle.

Check out these $3,000 outfits!

  • matts

    my dad rides a bike like that. its a beast.

  • The bike on the left picture called an ‘opoe fiets’ > translated ‘grandpa’s bike’, there’s even a female version ‘oma fiets’ > translated (ofcourse) ‘granma’s bike’. The bike on the right doesn’t look Dutch at all to me. It’s too flashy. Most of the bikes here are wrecked bikes unless you own a fixed conversion or track bike :) Nice photoshoot though.

  • Geoff

    On my way to work today I saw a man riding one of these Dutch bikes, replete with kinetic powered light, chainguard, et al. He was adorned in cardigan, button up, tie and overcoat… (bear in mind the temperature is supposed to exceed 70 degrees today).

    Don’t get me wrong the bike looks swanky and all but it seems fashion-over-function is the m.o. for riders of these steeds.

    Still, it’s a different approach to cycling in the city and for that I commend thee sartorial steed.

  • Tyler

    I went to school in Amsterdam for a bit. The best thing I ever saw was a female friend of mine roll a blunt on the back of my bike. Thems skills!

  • John B

    The bikes and clothes are awesome and it’s great that normal people are riding more. I have to say that I think Dutch people would kind of laugh at someone owned an $1,800 bike. Part of the iconic dutch bike is actually that it’s a total junker so noone cares much if it gets stolen. The way they steal bikes in Holland makes New York look like Idaho.

  • That’s so strange, 3000dollars for a bike that you can get here for 25euro(40dollar) stolen or old though, new in store they are 150euro’s or something