Subrosa Fixed? Apr 3, 2009


I know this is a bit dated but is this a trick bike or TRACK bike? Who knows?…

Most companies are getting into this because it’s a hot market but their bikes are prancing the line of track machine and trick machine. Geometry is a bitch to work out and as we’ve seen before, the tendency is to go for a parallel geometry, which makes for a horrible street and trick ride.

Which one is it? Hard to tell as of now. Subrosa has some pics up now on their site, so head over and checkem out.

Via the Come Up.

[yes I read that blog]

  • jesse g

    yo i read some stuff on the subrosa website saying that it could take the abuse of jumping stairs and what not. who knows really. i cant wait to see what the kids on the come up say about this.

  • It looks no different than a road geo with a tiny gusset from the pics. Add a dinky-fork and you’ve got another “track bike” from a bmx company.

    All the bmx brands said their fixed gears were “bar bikes” at Interbike. Now they’re all saying they’re trick bikes… Big difference. Volume produced a fork that’s a good 40mm different in length and has a different rake from the fork their frame was designed for and now they’re saying it didn’t affect the geometry…

    Bottom line; if you want a fixed trick bike, get a “fixed trick rider” to work on it with you!

  • CJ

    cranks look fugly and there tires are on backwards. PASS. ugly bike.

    im waitin on my milwaukee!

  • pRick


    look at the fork. lol

  • jason

    the come up is such a mess. i hope fixed doesn’t turn into what bmx is now. negative as anything.

    keep it positive over here prolly. favorite bike blog!

  • I read your blog too bro. And some guy told me he was starting a longboarding site the other day and I mentioned your site.

    Negative as anything,


  • Cool. I surfed a 9’0″ Stewart down in NC for a while. Longboarding is a ton of fun.

    ohhhh you mean longboard skateboards…


  • jesse g

    also i will say this…i really like the graphics on this and i like alot of the shadow co. graphics as well. i wish more fixed gear companies would start moving in this direction. you know more skulls and vomit and shit like that. save the graphic design stuff for the bar bikes that you want to keep looking classy and the gnar shit for the bikes that can take the abuse!

  • Jared

    I think a bmx company may be the last place in the world I’ll look for innovation. I don’t understand spec’ing a 4-bolt crank and then putting a wonky looking big ring on there. Up front, I’d say that gusset is there because the fork is taxing the head tube a bit much. I don’t think I’d wanna bomb any stairs with it. Also, why wouldn’t you put a full picture of the bike up? Or did I just miss it. Plus they call their catalog a ‘lookbook”… Meh.

  • VirtualOrgasm

    im either getting this or the milwaukee bruiser
    ahah chido!