Stout 144 in Stock Apr 29, 2009

These beefy-ass little boogers are in stock now at Ben’s. I asked Drew at Milwaukee to make a 144bcd Stout to go with 144bcd track cranks. It’s a solid piece of equipment.

I’ve done big drops onto it, slammed it, crushed it and generally thrashed mine for a while and it’s still alive and kicking. Rough surfaces will obviously wear it down faster, so stick to marble, metal and granite.

Take note, it won’t work with oversized chains like the Wippermans. A KMC chain works great though.

Any questions / concerns? Hit me up in the comments!

7 responses to “Stout 144 in Stock”

  1. hayke says:

    Does fit only 44t chainrings?

  2. Andrew says:

    I’ve always been curious: how big of a chainring can you go up to with this?

  3. prolly says:

    44 or smaller, 144bcd rings only.

  4. prolly says:

    Also make sure you use blue loctite on the threads and let it sit over night.

  5. Dr. No says:

    So is it on there for good pretty much then>?

  6. prolly says:

    Blue loctite is temporary. Red is permanent. Blue loctite just ensures the bolts won’t come loose from the added strain on the ring. Trust me, it’s fine.

  7. prolly says:

    Also, it WILL work with 46t, you just won’t have a ton of grinding room.