Speaking of Vans Apr 15, 2009

– FIXED GEAR – The invaders from Androsky Knauer on Vimeo.

This one comes from the FGL blog. Nice video submission for the Fixed Gear London x Vans contest. No-footed manual in the beginning is ill!

  • Lumpi

    this was maby posted by FGL but these guys are french

  • dontcoast

    this is in paris. nice sightseeing in this vid!

  • Lime green’s rider has some really good style.

  • yes. I know it’s in Paris…. Sorry for not mentioning that!

  • PIEERE!!

  • vas

    ah, i was about to shine with my knowledge and say that this is filmed in Paris…. but i see that everyone who posted wanted to shine with theirs! :)

    Paris…not a big fan of the city, but a huge fan of the architecture.

  • pistol

    paris, rad….
    i’m also feelin that og shorty’s skateboards sweatshirt…SB…..